How to get more reviews on Amazon

Being a seller, it is very important to have reviews on your products. Research shows that customer reviews & feedback on the products are the key-influencers in the process of consumers’ decision-making. Buyers generally have a high tendency to trust an online business by the ratings on its products. Also, getting good reviews for your products does matter for the algorithm of Amazon as a measuring parameter for the performance of your business. This gradually leads to the deciding factor whether your product will get a buybox or not and whether your product will rank higher or lower. Amazon is a customer obsessed organization which is why it can even delist your product in case you have a lot of bad reviews.  

Surely, it is hard to get good reviews, or any reviews at all for your products on Amazon- but never impossible.  

Let’s dive into some key methods to get more positive reviews on Amazon:


1: Request a review:

Amazon had rolled out the request a review feature in 2019. This has increased the review percentage by 10%. You can use this feature to request customers for reviews. Remember “The best way to get something is ask”  

Some things to keep in mind regarding this:  

  1. It can be used within 4-30 days of an order
  2. Message cannot be customized (You can use FiveStar for customized templates)


2: Product inserts:

Amazons policy prohibits from box inserts and product packaging that direct customers from writing positive reviews. However you can ask the user to register their product for an extended warranty or something similar to get an email. Once you have the email, you can ask the customer to write a review.

3: Discounts:

Giving discounts encourages customers to leave reviews. This might not be a financially viable option in the long run but can help to get more reviews in the short term.

4: Negative reviews:

Amazon has given the ability to contact customers who have given 3 stars or less. So you can contact customers to address these reviews and improve them.

5: Packaging:

Good packaging can lead users to be lenient in case the product has flaws. So make sure to put in the time and effort to improve your packaging.

In today’s time, getting good reviews is as important as selling the product. Using a free tool like FiverStar which is a review automation tool can help in increasing the number of reviews without much effort which will by default help with sales.

P.S. Happy Selling!

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