Frequently Asked Questions

Extreme E-Commerce is a suite of powerful applications that helps you to manage your multi-channel business and grow your e-commerce reach from a single intuitive interface.

Go to the video section to get the product walk-through.

We can use the application by the following steps.

A. Login to the System.

B. Add a Store.

C. Add marketplace to the store.

D. Add applications to the store.

E. Start using.

Go to the pricing section of Extreme E-commerce.

You can onboard a brand by doing the following.

1. Log in to the Extreme Ecommerce application.

2. Add brand name.

3. Add a logo for the brand.

4. Click next.

20-30% increase in sales.

We are following all the data security and data compliance as per the Govt norms. Also, you can go to the privacy policy and terms and conditions section.

Currently we are offering the following Solution

A. Data One – Sales Dashboard

B. Buy Box – Repricer Application

C. Repay++ – Reimbursement Application

D. Fivestar – Feedback Application

E. Order AI – Order Management Application