Factors to identify customer segment for paid marketing

Identifying the right customer to target for paid ads is really important. If not done correctly, it can result in a major loss of sales.

These are the factors that a seller should identify before proceeding with ads:  

1: Demographic:

Any particular niche product that one offers, what set of the population will like to buy those products is what your search will be for. Try to identify them on the basis of age, gender and even their work.  

2: Geographic:

Which country or part of countries do you feel your product will be more sellable or the people staying in a particular region will be interested in?

3: Psychographic:

Based on one’s interest, lifestyle, and attitude you can define your target audience.

4: Behavioral:

This will help to understand a pattern of the products and the behavior will define the buying pattern of the consumer which can you one of your segments.

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