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FBA profit & loss Analysis App - From a single dashboard manage all your sales & profit data from different merchant accounts.

See profits instantly, & track your sales analytics in real time

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In Real Time, manage inventory, see units sold, net margin, ROI, revenue, and more...

Powerful tools to understand how promotions, refunds, and other variables impact your bottom line.

Inventory status details

Our system manages up-to-date information on the status of every item and components in your inventory. See summary information or drill down into the details.

Order status details

Our system breaks down sales, taxes, promotions, refunds, seller fees and more.. categorize profits and losses into convenient groups that help you process data and improve your selling business.

Supplier invoice details

Helps you grasp all the invoices and analyze them. It only takes 1 minute to sync your account – after that, we’ll automatically import all historical data.

Accurate analytics & reporting

Our system gives you an accurate view of critical metrics including revenue, hidden fees, costs of goods sold, and operating expenses by select time periods to see progress, spot trends, manage taxes, and more.

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