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Save 25 days a year, connect all your ecommerce marketplaces and brands and get powerful insights to increase your profits.

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    Unified platform to connect & manage all of your Marketplaces

    DataOne connects 15+ marketplaces globally in seconds and gives you easy to understand useful insights. 


    How DataOne Helps

    Onboard Multiple

    Whether you own a single brand or have multiple brands or help other brands to grow on multiple marketplaces, Dataone provides you quick in-depth sales insight without hopping to multiple accounts and marketplaces.

      Get Overall And In-Depth Stats

      Measure the performance of your entire eCommerce business with an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s everything you need to empower your team. With Dataone, gain deeper insights, enhance decision making and act in real-time.

        Top & Worst Performing Products

        Dataone identifies top and worst-performing products so you can evaluate product performance and understand your market share to determine the right course of action for your brands.


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          Dataone can save 25 days a year
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